At Safehive, we want to help you create a comprehensive training program that’s available for you to manage all in one place. We provide many of the Safety courses needed to keep your community safe, but we can’t speak to the specific policies and expectations unique to your organization.




how it's done

Your volunteer and staff MUST NOT half-heartedly review your organization’s policies and expectations. Understanding their role within the organization through proper training is crucial for the health of your organization.

Safehive is the tool to communicate those expectations in an online environment that ensures consistency from one training to the next, while eradicating scheduling conflicts. Periodically review and reinforce content and provide a final exam to ensure they’ve understood.

We will guide you through best practices for creating course content. You can use videos, text or images to create courses as long or as short as you wish. And once the course content is ready, WE will navigate the technology and programming of a new online course for you. No need to become a computer-wiz or build your own app to make online training possible for your team. We do it all the time and we can make it happen for you too!

At Safehive, we believe cultivating safety and care for our community begins with thorough training. Safehive is the solution to keep training teams of any size manageable and more thorough.

ITS up to you