Leverage Technology

to Protect

By combining the latest digital education tools with expert-led training, Safehive makes it simple to implement a training program that protects your organization while reducing your administrative workload.



1. select your classes

Identify which training is essential to the legal and physical protection of your organization. 1. Use Safehive’s pre-built courses like CPR, First Aid, Active Shooter, and Sexual Abuse prevention. 2. Build your own custom training curriculum. 3. Use a combination of both (most Safehive customers do this).


2. Distribute classes Digitally

Using Safehive’s administrative dashboard, select your users and add specific classes to their accounts. They will receive an email with a link to log in and take the classes you assigned. You can do this in bulk or with individuals. Example: You have a summer camp coming up with 150 additional volunteers. Upload all 150 volunteers and send them an email that gives each of them CPR, Sexual Abuse Prevention, and your custom Child Protection Policy.


3. Track & Remind

Receive notifications when a user has completed their courses. For users who are procrastinating, you can gently prod them with reminders straight from the platform - we track it all for you. Once a user has completed, you have a digital certificate showing that they passed the course on the specific date. This is extremely important for showing due diligence on the part of your organization.


4. Streamline your onboarding

With Safehive, you’ll never need to worry about continuing education hours, safety training, and new employee training. Once you get into the groove with the software, you’ll find that you save tremendous administrative time as well as money. Your employees and volunteers can take the training on any device on their own time, and show up ready to work, serve, and move your mission forward.

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