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Safehive is a group of leaders who have decided education can make a difference and are taking action. This group values preparedness and prevention - they do not tolerate sexual abuse, negligence, or looking the other way and expect their teams to act accordingly.

When you become part of Safehive, you are getting so much more than a powerful piece of software. You are gaining access to the best practices, courses, and a community of like-minded organizations who prioritize safety and training.



Hear from a Safehive Member 

Redemption Church


"As a multi-campus church it's critical for us to have systems in place that can be easily implemented to provide security at each congregation. Safehive is one of those systems that helps us protect children and families."

- Neil Pitchel, Redemption Church



In Redemption Church’s 4-years of working with Safehive, the following training has been implemented across all ten of their campuses: A total of 30 Redemption-specific courses have been created and distributed through Safehive - some are only used at one campus, others are used at all. CPR and Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention curriculum are now basic training expectations before volunteers work with children. A child-protection policy has also been created and now exists as a class hosted on Safehive for all campuses to distribute. This level of training for Redemption’s group of 2200+ volunteers wasn’t possible before Safehive.



Hear from a Safehive Member 

The Austin Stone


"Safehive has been an incredible help to not only our church but also our staff in helping us to continually focus on the value and importance in keeping children and churches safe and keeping our volunteers informed and trained." 

-Lydia Witt, The Austin Stone



The Austin Stone trains over 1500 volunteers using Safehive’s module. Ensuring volunteers understand policy, expectations and their role as a volunteer at The Austin Stone is no small task. Austin Stone’s training program online has put hours back into the lives of their volunteers and staff. 

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