When you become part of Safehive, you gain access to a growing library of specialized safety training for your organization. We focus on creating professional and accessible safety classes that you can distribute to all of your volunteers and staff. Here are some of the classes that you will immediately gain access to.




CPR & Choking Relief

The basic life saving techniques of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) are vital for EVERY volunteer and staff to know. It’s difficult to implement a comprehensive training program to ensure volunteers have completed CPR & choking relief classes. Safehive makes it possible with our intensive 30-45 minute, age-specific online classes to ensure your organization is prepared for a situation that requires these essential techniques to save a life. CLASS DETAILS.



Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention

The plague of child sexual abuse in our culture is rampant. It is a hard reality to face, but face it we must — sexual abuse occurs in churches and other organizations providing support and relief to families with children.. Anyone serving children must also commit to protect them. Understanding the realities of sexual abuse and common strategies of abusers prepares a caregiver to be  the first line of defense. Knowing how to respond to a disclosure is an opportunity to initiate healing and stop abuse. 

Safehive’s Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention course helps build a wall of safety around your organization and prevents predators and child abusers from hiding in plain sight. CLASS DETAILS.



First Aid

First Aid is crucial knowledge when sudden illness or injury requires immediate care to preserve life and prevent the condition from worsening. Our First Aid class focuses on emergency situations most often encountered  in a classroom setting. This class is split into 5 distinct sections: Basic First Aid, Bites and Stings, First Aid of the Head, Burns, and Heat Related. Class Details




Additional Classes

At Safehive, we welcome input from customers and make an effort to continue growing our library of  safety courses for organizations to administer. If you have a suggestion for a new class that would be beneficial to your organization and others like yours, please email us at info@safehive.co

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