Without the right training

you’re at risk

It’s hard enough recruiting new volunteers, let alone thoroughly training them. Many of these volunteers occupy mission critical roles in your organization and it’s very common for juries to regard them as “employees” when a tragedy happens. In other words, if you don’t train, you’re on the hook.




Keep track

Coordinating training sessions with multiple vendors and new volunteers is a nightmare. Safehive consolidates all the training your organization needs into one place that can be accessed anywhere from any device. Keep track of who’s completed and send reminders to those who need to finish.



Pay a price you can afford

Training your volunteers in CPR, first aid, AED, sexual abuse prevention, and your own policies and procedures can easily cost over $100 per volunteer. With Safehive, you pay a regular monthly fee to train hundreds and even thousands of volunteers.



Train effectively even if you wear multiple hats

You don’t have the time or resources to learn a complicated learning management system. You’re not a big company with a whole department devoted to employee training and onboarding. Safehive was built to take something off your plate, not put another thing on it!

ITS up to you